AMERICAN TEJITSU TRAINING DVD's "SPECIAL INTERNET PRICE LIST" SAVE UP TO 40% OFF REGULAR RETAIL PRICES! *Videos Range 34-55 Minutes Runtime* Originally introduced as Tejitsu Aikido, my system has received worldwide acclaim as an excellent and comprehensive combat system, which has earned me (10+) Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductions internationally. We now refer to this unique and highly scientific system only as "Tejitsu", a jujitsu based, martial art. It is a superior method of self-defense, very much combat oriented, and totally defensive in nature. Discs 1 - 6 are a re-release of my original training videos, now digitally remastered. As such, no attempt has been made to remove previous references to tejitsu aikido in either title or teaching. Both Tejitsu and Aikido are direct derivitives of Jujitsu, so don't get hung up on the name change. I will personally teach you the ONE self-defense technique that will enable you to overcome ANY opponent, no matter what the system!!! You will learn how to simply use your body position or stance to "sucker" your opponent into attacking the way YOU want him to, so he plays right into your waiting hands. I will personally teach you each and every technique and variation in this training series just as if you were actually in my class. Extra time was taken to explain common errors and give detailed instruction as to how to perfect each variation. ********************************************************************************* Each DVD includes the materials usually presented in 3 months of training time in the dojo. (Brown Belt & Black Belt discs cover 6 months of material each) That means each lower kyu rank is a $120.00 value and brown and black belt discs are each a $240.00 value. You pay only $19.95 each! I have cut out the middleman, so I can now offer you a truly outstanding price that is affordable by everyone. Each DVD can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of 1 month of lessons. ********************************************************************************* Except for the self-defense disc, lessons are meant to be studied in the proper order. More advanced techniques frequently refer back to and build upon principles learned during earlier ranks. Because I am offering this valuable information at such a ridiculously low price, there will be no exchanges or refunds except for replacement of a DVD damaged during shipment with the same title. ********************************************************************************** DVD # 1 ORANGE BELT DVD covers warmups, basic rollout and breakfalls, wrist grabs and punches, wrist locks and throws. 21 variations in all with 5 wrist grabs and face & body punch defenses using techniques: Kote-gaeshi, Shiho-nage, Yuki-chigai (Sankyu) 55 Min.....Price was $49.95.....Now only $19.95! Kote-gaeshi
DVD # 2 GREEN BELT DVD covers controls, arm breaks and body throws. 41 variations to defend against 5 wrist grabs and face & body punches with techniques: Robuse (Ikkyo) (17 variations), Tenbim-nage (17 variations), Hachi-mawashi 46 Min.....Price was $49.95.....Now only $19.95! Robuse
DVD # 3 BLUE BELT DVD covers joint locks, takedowns, throws and defenses for punch/kick combinations. 25 variations illustrating 5 wrist grabs and face & body punch defenses employing techniques: Kote-kudaki, Ude-kata-otoshi, Ushiro-kata-otoshi 35 Min.....Price was $49.95.....Now only $19.95! Shiho-nage
DVD # 4 BROWN BELT (2ND DEGREE AND 1ST DEGREE) This double disc covers arm bars, body throws 40+ variations featuring 5 wrist grabs and face & body punch defenses for techniques: Ashi-waza, Do-gaeshi, Ushiro-kami-otoshi, Ude-hishigi, Mukae-daoshi and Hizi-otoshi 47 Min.....Price was $49.95.....Now only $19.95! Hizi-otoshi
DVD # 5 BLACK BELT DVD covers 50+ variations which feature rear wrist grab, bear hug and rear choke defenses for each of the techniques taught in the previous tapes, plus several techniques performed from a kneeling position. 53 min.....Price was $49.95.....Now only $19.95! Kote-gaeshi (Rear Wrist Grab)
DVD # 6 SELF-DEFENSE DVD covers miscellaneous attack defenses including: Front chokes, headlocks, wall pins, clothing grabs, knife defenses, etc. 34 Min.....Price was $49.95.....Now only $19.95! Front Choke Defense
DVD # 7 Advance Black Belt Techniques (3rd Dan through 9th Dan)(NOW AVAILABLE) $99.95 Never before released advanced techniques, pressure point attacks, leg sweeps, brutal joint locks and throws.
Ashi-Gake 4th Dan Soto-Gaeshi, Soto-Mawashi, Kubi-Waza 5th Dan Shiho-Garami, Gyaku-Tedori, Ushiro-Mawashi 6th Dan Uchi-Mawashi, Nodo-Waza, O-Soto-Gari 7th Dan Ashi-Mawashi, O-Soto-Gake, Kuchi-Waza 8th Dan Tsume-Otoshi, Shomen-Nage, Gyaku-Ate 9th Dan Hana-Nage, Gyaku-Ate-Gari, Ushiro-Mawashi-Gari AVAILABLE IN U.S. DVD FORMAT ONLY! PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY ALL ORDERS VISA, MASTERCARD and DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED THROUGH PayPal ONLY My Story & How Tejitsu Developed System Information and Background Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S) Information on Booking a Seminar Send E-mail Directly Home