Kote-Gaeshi Throw Leg Sweep

******************************************************* Tejitsu Seminars - Book yours now! ******************************************************* Discover the devastating effectiveness of these applications: Joint Locks Arm Bars/Breaks Takedowns/Throws Pressure Point Attacks Leg Sweeps YOU WILL LEARN: * How to Apply Aikido & Jiu-jitsu Techniques When Trapped * Controlling and Disabling Techniques * Opponent Redirection Principles * Stopping An Attacker With As Little As One Finger * Defense Against Punch/Kick Combinations * Defense Against Front & Rear Chokes * Defense Against Knife & Club Attacks **************************************************************** Comments from past participants: --------------------------------------- "Fantastic, techniques are very effective and amazingly easy!" J.G. - PA "I'm hooked. I can't wait until the next one comes to the area!" L.S. - Pgh. PA "Beats any training I've received so far! I've never seen anything like it!" J.M. - US Army Airborne, Fort Benning, GA "I've been in the martial arts since 1954 and I can tell you this system is remarkable... simple and quite effective!" - Master E.D. 4th Dan Tang Soo Do, Former Knife & Bayonet Instr. U.S.M.C. "One of the best organized systems I've seen!" - J.K., 6th Dan Shotokan Karate - FL "This really work! Its amazing and so easy to use!" - Dr. B.S., - PA "Why didn't my teacher tell me that there were people out there who could overcome my best kick and leave me on the floor? I wish I had known this type of system existed. I'm going to have to rethink some things!" - H.K. 2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do - OH "I never would have believed it possible to drop a 250 lb attacker with only one finger!" - C.B. Latrobe, PA ***************************************************************** Sponsored Seminar Prices Full Day (4 Hours): ------------------------------- $400.00 Guarantee Plus Travel Expense & Lodging Half Day (2 Hours): ------------------------------- $250.00 Guarantee Plus Travel Expense & Lodging
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Terms: -------------- A non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the guarantee will be required at the time of the booking a seminar to reserve your date and cover out-of-pocket expenses. Cancellations: ----------------------- In the event that I must cancel a scheduled seminar, and you do not wish to reschedule, your deposit will be 100% refunded. Insurance coverage: ---------------------------------- Please send proof of liability insurance coverage with deposit fee. Obviously if overnight lodging is required you could save a great deal if someone from your school could put me up. Also what you decide to charge per person would depend on how many people you can get to attend. Participants must be 15 yrs or over. Under 18 yrs MUST be accompanied by a parent and have health insurance coverage. ***************************************************************** ORDERS FOR TRAINING VIDEOS WILL BE TAKEN AT ALL THE SEMINARS CASH AT THE TIME OF ORDER Payment MUST accompany orders ***************************************************************** My Story & How Tejitsu Developed Black Belt Home Study Program Video Training Tape Information and Order Form System Information and Background Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S) Send E-mail Directly Home