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WHAT IS A SOKE? ----------------------------- The definition of a "Soke" is simply the head (founder or inheritor) of a martial arts system which is based on a Japanese martial art. If the system is based on a martial art originating outside of Japan, then the proper title is "Head of Family". Traditionally every system head, is ranked one belt rank above the requirements for his or her system. My system has requirements through ninth dan, therefore a tenth dan ranking. If a system only had requirements through 4th dan the founder would be ranked as a fifth dan Soke. To be named as a Soke is the greatest honor one can receive in the martial arts. The standards are extremely high, as are the requirements to maintain your rank and affiliation. We police our ranks constantly and every applicant is thoroughly investigated. WHY USE THE TITLE OF SOKE, ETC? ------------------------------------------------------------- Many people are confused and even insulted by the terms Soke, Grandmaster, Hanshi, Doctor, Professor, and Shihan. These are simply the terms of address and respect used for and among system heads. It is no different than a 6th Dan using the title of Master. To him it is nothing more than normal protocol, to others who choose to use nothing other than "Sensei" is an affront. Some of the great founding fathers of the martial arts were referred to by similar titles, for example: Dr. Jigoro Kano and Prof. Morihei Uyeshiba. As the late, great Bruce Lee so astutely said, "Its just a name; don't get hung up on it." WHO RECOGNIZES YOUR RANK AND SYSTEM? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ American Federation of Jujitsu United States Martial Arts Association Japanese International Samurai Jiu-jitsu Association (Nippon Dai Kosukei Samurai Jiu-jitsu Kobukei Renmei) The World Head of Family Sokeship Council Bushido Brotherhood Martial Arts Society World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Headmasters, Founders and Sokeship Council Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association New World Martial Arts Association/Society of Soke World Hombu Dojos Association WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF ANY GRANDMASTERS' COUNCILS? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because membership is by direct sponsorship or by invitation only. Anyone not being, studying under, or personally knowing a system founder would have no knowledge of their existence. TEACHING PHILOSOPHY ----------------------------------------- The ultimate goals of any good teacher are to produce students who will someday exceed the sum total of what they were taught and begin to think independently; and by word and example to impart values and ethics to them that they make go forth and make the world a better place. "Grasshopper, be youself and never fear thus to be naked to the eyes of others. What is simple is simply seen; but men so often mask themselves, that what is simple is rarely understood!" - Master Po
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