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TEJITSU (Originally known as Tejitsu Aikido) Dear Martial Arts Enthusiast: Thank you for your query regarding Tejitsu. My system is based both directly on Jiu-Jitsu and on on principles and techniques of aikido, which were taken from Ju-jitsu, along with techniques from Judo, Karate, and pressure point manipulation, drawn from a lifetime of martial arts study. I have taken these techniques and combined their combat aspects to perfect a truly street worthy self-defense system. Tejitsu was an "MMA" or "Mixed Martial Art" before the terms or concept became popular. Although originally introduced in 1989 as "Tejitsu Aikido", Tejitsu is making a triuphant return as an independent Ju-jitsu based system, standing on it's own merits. While very impressed with the effectiveness of the locks and throws I had learned, I did not feel that the amount of space necessary to perform the techniques was practical for the street. The primary assumption in Tejitsu is that you have become trapped and have to deal with your attacker when he is already on top of you. Training in this way, students do not become dependent on keeping a discreet distance, thus they are not at a loss if they cannot. In 1986 I began to analyze and break the techniques down into their smallest parts, which enabled me to develop a system that is highly effective and practical when trapped. The result of over 10,000 hours of analyis, development, study, and testing was the birth of Tejitsu. It has been scientifically designed for close quarter combat or, as it is called, "In-fighting". All large motions and much of the footwork has been eliminated to make locks and throws work in a minimum of space. Changes I have made: -------------------------------------------- 1. Standardize all variations within each technique, making it easier to learn and enabling beginners to develop usable self-defense techniques from the very start, as well as, standardizing movement across similar techniques to help students learn new material quicker. 2. Added strikes and kicks to neutralize the attacker before applying each and every lock or throw. 3. Restricted the footwork to make the techniques applicable in the tightest possible area, relying on stunning the attacker long enough to perform the technique rather than on keeping him off balance with quick pivots and directional changes. 4. Developed a third theory of motion (Neutrality) to give the student more options and directions in which to move and throw. 5. Added new techniques including reaps and sweeps from judo and pressure point attacks, giving students new material through Ninth Degree Black Belt. My accomplishments are as follows: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founded Tejitsu Aikido April, 1989 10th Degree Black Belt Awarded February 1992 1992 International Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Outstanding Achievement Award 1994 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Diamond Life Achievement Award 1995 Listing in International Who's Who Directory 1995 World Head of Family Sokeship Council Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Founder's Award 1995 Japanese International Samurai Jiu-jitsu Association-Hall of Fame 1996 Listing in International Who's Who Directory 1996 World Head of Family Sokeship Council Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Grandmaster of the Year Award 1997 World Head of Family Sokeship Council Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Grandmaster of the Year - Pennsylvania 1998 Introduced Acupressure Training to Syllabus of System 1998 World Head of Family Sokeship Council Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Martial Arts Writer of the Year 1998 EUSAIMAA International Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Reader's Choice Award 2010 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall Of Honors - Outstanding Contribution to the Arts-Grandmaster Published Author: Aikido Techniques & Tactics (Human Kinetics Publishing) Producer of (8) Training Videos (Available by Mail Order - Click Below) Instructor for: ------------------------------ Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, Pa. Chatham College, Pittsburgh, Pa. Seton Hill College, Greensburg, Pa. PA Certified Municipal Police Instructor Memberships: ------------------------------- American Federation of Ju-jitsu United States Martial Arts Association World Hombu Dojo Association Nippon Dai Kokusei Samurai Ju-Jitsu Kobukai Renmei World Head of Family Sokeship Council (Grandmasters) Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association Bushido-Brotherhood Martial Arts Society New World Martial Arts Association World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Sokeship, Headfounders & Grandmasters Assoc. I am available to travel on fall and winter weekends for seminars throughout the country with 4 weeks notice. For video pricing and ordering information please click on Training DVD Series. Sincerely, Grandmaster Gary Bennett
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